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Children with Bohring-Opitz Syndrome are very prone to respiratory infections.  With this being said, Talynn is kept inside majority of the time and is not exposed to a lot of people.  Of course when we go out Talynn can sometimes go but we keep her covered.  It is not easy explaining to people to stay out of her face or not to touch because she is SENSITIVE.  I would LOVE to share my child but it is not okay for her health.  Most look at Talynn and think she’s a newborn so they are trying to see her.  I get TONS of “congratulations” or “she’s a new one”.  It gives me mixed emotions: SAD because she is not a newborn and she cannot help she is small but HAPPY because if they think she is new then my weight is okay for just having a newborn 😉

I wanted to write this post to say….

  • I am sorry I have not been able to SHARE Talynn within the last couple of months.  The sickness in the area has been HORRIBLE  and I do not want to take the risk.
  • Her 1st Birthday Party is coming up on Saturday and she will not be able to be touched, held, or anything like that.  I do not feel it is worth the risk for my child to be sick. It is more important for us to stay out of the hospital then for someone to hold her.
  • It breaks my heart when I see families out in public places or parties and can pass their child around.  I love seeing it but deep in my heart I know that I cannot do it.  It really hurts that I can not SHARE my child as much as I would like to.  She is such a bundle of joy but I cannot risk her health.
  • I would love to SHARE Talynn and take her to church or anywhere but I just cannot monitor who has been or who has not been sick and then trying to explain to people to please not lean in her carseat or do not get in her face is very difficult (without coming off as rude).

I hope you all can understand that I want to SHARE her but I just cannot risk her health.  Her being here with us is far more important.


A Mommy of BOS

2 thoughts on “Sharing <3

  1. Jill Morris says:

    These kids do get sick so much more easily and severely than other kids. You have to be a BOS parent or caregiver to truly understand. It really is isolating when all you want to do is share your baby with the world and for their safety you can’t.

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