It’s a Winter ONEderland!!


Where do I even begin… last year at this time I was getting ready to go to work and Chad was running late so he had to drive into his work rather than catching the van.  They were calling for snow in the next couple of days and my appointment was going to fall on the snow day.  I had felt a little weird that morning but nothing major so I went to work.  During my planning period, I called the doctors to see if they could fit my 6 week check-up in rather than waiting til after the snow.  They were able to fit me in at 4:00.  Usually, these check-ups last 15 minutes so I would never have anyone go with me.  Well this time when I went they did the usual check and they said “You need to go over to the hospital because you are having the baby now”.  WHAT?!?! Wait… I am not ready, I have nothing ready, My husband is in Newport News, My mom is in Ahoskie, I cannot get any of them on the phone, I cannot leave my students yet, I just cannot! As many of you know I am a PLANNER and this put me in a panic attack mode that was worse than any before. None of that mattered! Talynn was going to be here that night! I could only get my sisters (who thought I was joking about having her that night) and my aunt (who was trying to get my mom). I went over to the hospital and my sisters met me there and we waited for Chad, my mom, and my dad to get there.  I was a scheduled C-section anyway (due to hip dysplasia as a child) so that was what they planned to do.

1545660_1447610238790340_1618585588_nAfter all of the prep…Talynn arrived at 7:17pm and was 4lbs 13oz , 17.5 in long !!! When they showed her to us (2 seconds) she was black/blue/purple and NEVER made a sound.  They told me they needed to take her because she wasn’t breathing on her own.  They were working on her in the same room but then the pediatrician came to me and said that he was going to take her to another room. I asked multiple times can my husband please go with her PLEASE! They did not allow him to until 5 minutes later.  When I was finished and was wheeled out, both my doctor and pediatrician met me at the door. They told me that Talynn was having some difficulties and that the CHKD transport team was on  their way to come get her. So we waited… waited… and waited… (and I still had only seen Talynn for those 2 seconds right at birth).  After the transport team arrived and were ready to leave they brought her to me in an incubator with a TON of things hooked up to her and that was the last time I would see her for two days.


We have came such a long, long way! It has not been easy at ALL but it has been worth every single bit! Sometimes I cannot believe its been a year but when looking back and seeing everything we went through I can BELIEVE it.  I want nothing more than my Little Angel to be as happy as she can be! I love this little sweet pea and would not change her for anything in this world! God placed her in my life for a reason and I thank him EVERYDAY!

Happy 1st Birthday Talynn! We LOVE you so so much!


A Mommy of BOS

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