Surgery Days

The night and hours before surgery…


No matter how many times my daughter has had surgery it never gets any easier.  Watching our daughter be taken down a long hallway by people we have only met a handful of times then to sit in a room watching a tv with your child’s number on the screen to keep you updated… it is 10563216_10152697686542962_947459162649904584_nsomething that we will never get used to .  As much as we know this is something that will help her we still hate having to do it.  The night before we hold Talynn even longer, we rock her to sleep, we admire all of her faces, we kiss her tons of times, then we put her in her bed.  We pray, pray, and pray with her that everything will be okay.  Then we start packing all of our things for the trip.  We bring every piece of equipment, all medicines, extra clothes, and at least pack for a day or two just in case.  Then we TRY to sleep.

The day of surgery we get there two hours early.  We go through all of the paper work, meet with the nurses and doctors, sit in a room and wait for them to take Talynn in the back.  They give us our number and we kiss Talynn and walk away.  The feeling of 10418167_10152653892427962_8096098845799860552_nwatching your little angel be carried down a hallway and knowing you cannot go with her is heartbreaking.  Then the wait… we watch the tv and patiently wait for the phone call from the doctor letting us know how everything is going.  After surgery is over we RUN to the post-op room and comfort our daughter who is coming out of anesthesia and has no idea where she is.  She is a scared, crying, and hungry.  All we can do is hug and love her while the anesthesia wears off.

During the entire process we pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, and pray!! Afterwards, we pray and thank God for looking over our little angel the entire time.  We know he will always look over Talynn and we are so blessed and thankful for all who continue to pray, support, and love her and our family.


Mommy of BOS ❤

One thought on “Surgery Days

  1. Ruby Bazemore says:

    I can’t imagine having to do this over and over again. I had to do this with my baby once and it was horrifying. Tracey had to have a lump removed when she was two or three, can’t remember her exact age but what I do remember is the way it felt as they took her from me down the hall and waiting for her to come out of sedation. I also remember her scream as she woke up because this is such a difficult task for little ones to have to go through. Its a cry no mother forgets, not ever. Talynn is so blessed to have such great parents and you are just as blessed to have such a beautiful baby girl….LOVE and HUGS.


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