Who am I?

Who am I?


I am a physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapist, nurse, doctor, teacher, data collector, data analyzer, accountant, photographer, advocate, but most of all I am a MOM!

Talynn is not your everyday child.  She requires a lot more than the normal.  I wanted to share with you some of the things that have became my everday routine…

  • DSC_2011We wake-up and unplug the oxygen and pulse ox.
  • Get dressed and vitamins to feeding bag.
  • Start loading the equipment and Talynn into the car.
  • Then we travel 1 hr 15 mins trip to VA for therapies.
  • After therapies we travel 1hr 15 mins back home. (now its about 3:30pm)
  • Once we get home we unload all equipment.
  • We add more formula to the bag.
  • Then we play and stretch on the floor.
  • Next we start bath time.
  • We clean her tube, get her a new food bag, make her formula, and suction her nose.
  • Then we are ready for bed.
  • Once in bed…we cut on and connect her oxygen and her pulse ox.
  • Talynn hangs out in her bed until she falls asleep (maybe 10 mins)

I am sharing these things with you not for sympathy but to make others aware of what it is like raising a child (with or without special needs).  I have heard and seen too many stories of parents who were not ready.  Never in my life would I have thought being a MOM required SO many other jobs.  When thinking about having a baby, some do not think of what that means.  You NEVER know what will happen and it is completely out of your control.  But what you DO know is that if you plan to have a child then you are planning to give up EVERYTHING and give EVERYTHING to your child.  My goal was not to go to school for 4 years to turn around and quit! It was something I had to do.  My CHILD comes before anyone and everything. So please if you are not ready to give up your entire life for someone else’s then do NOT have a child. There are too many children out there who have suffered and experienced bad childhoods. It is not fair to PUNISH a child because your SELFISHNESS came into the picture.   And if you do happen to have a child and the relationship falls through with the baby daddy/mommy you do whatever you can to make the life of the CHILD the best it can be! That does not mean you have to stay together but it does mean to act decent when around each other and do NOT put the child in the middle.  I do not have great things to say about parents who leave their children.  It is heartbreaking… I do not understand how someone can leave their child.  Once it has happened, it is a bond that has been broken and probably will never be fixed.  So I leave you with this… if you want a child then understand that God is giving you a job and he wants you to do the absolute best you can at it.  🙂


Mommy of BOS ❤

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