What is an adjective…

An adjective is a word that modifies a noun (or pronoun) to make it more specific: a “rotten” egg, a “cloudy” day, a “lovely” lady, or a “tall,” “cool” glass of water.  http://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/adjective

Not many people think about it… Not many people even realize it… I catch myself doing it… But thought I should still post my opinion on it…

An ADJECTIVE is a word that DESCRIBES a noun.  So when looking at the special needs aspect of things… It is not a Down-Syndrome Child or a BOS Baby… they are a Child with Down-Syndrome or a Baby with BOS.  The reason I say this isDSC_1699 because those words in front of Child or Baby is NOT who that child or baby is.  That baby is pretty, cute, adorable, etc. but BOS is not just her.

Do not get me wrong I catch myself doing it ALOT but until you have worked with a special needs child or have a specialneeds child not many people realize it.  I have worked with a little girl who has down-syndrome and that is when I started realizing that a lot of people look at the Disability instead of the child.  Since having Talynn, I have realized that I was doing it too.  I guess I was so excited that I finally had a DIAGNOSIS that I was labeling my child with the disability. I want people to look at Talynn for Talynn instead of a disability.  It will not hurt my feelings if someone calls her a BOS Baby because like I said I have done the same.  Just wanted to share that some parents do get offended and I guess with time I may too but for now this is just for you to do a little thinking 🙂


Mommy of BOS ❤

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