Preparing for Talynn <3

God’s Plan…

I entered the world on October 3, 1990.  Little did I know God’s Plan had already started.1782088_1450438408507523_542869087_n  I always had that little spunk and attitude but on the inside my heart was still loving.  As I got older I begged my mom for siblings.  Little did I know then that she was told she could not have anymore babies.  Well when I was 6yrs that is when the first one arrived, then 8yrs was the second, and FINALLY 10yrs old when the last one came.  (Boy was that doctor wrong!) … Anyways this was the beginning of preparing me for my future.  I became mom’s helper, I would brush their teeth, get them dressed, feed them, or do anything I needed to do.  Years passed and I was in 5th grade.  The 5th grade class at my school would go read books to the younger grades.  This was where I was first introduced to a child with special needs.  I fell in LOVE! I enjoyed every minute of helping him and I loved it! Little did I know that He was preparing me ALL along for the care.

As timed passed, I was now in High School… that little spunk and attitude turned into a LOT! I did not let people walk over top of me nor talk about me and when they did, I would let them know how I felt.  I would much rather someone tell me their feelings than continue to run their mouth behind my back. Well during the high school years, I played softball.  My parents had always taught me that if you wanted something bad enough then you had to fight for it.  Well, I wanted to play varsity short-stop so I was determined to make that happen.  Little did I know He was preparing me ALL along for the fight.  

Years passed, I graduated from High School, Community College, and was working on my Bachelor’s Degree.  Well due to CRAZY relationship decisions I made,247352_10152203721975022_1887539753_n I ended up in the mountains of NC .  While finishing, I found a babysitting job with a little girl who had special needs.  I fell in LOVE with this little girl. We would work hard on overcoming all the things that most do not think are possible (reading, recognition, words, etc.). Camille really had a place in my heart.  After a few weeks, of watching her I knew that I wanted to adopt a child with Down syndrome (Thanks L… In the US Down syndrome only capitalizes the D) .  Well the time I had come, I was graduating with my degree in Elementary Education and it was time to move back home.  This day was not easy.  I had established a place and did it ALL on my own! Little did I know He was preparing me ALL along for hard times.

So I moved back home… and just like before CRAZY relationship decisions were made.  I believe it was because I was inpatient and thought I had EVERYTHING planned.  Like most girls,  I dreamed of going to school, graduating, getting married, having two kids, and living happily ever after.  I was a PLANNER and did NOT have patience! So I would rush into relationships and try to get my plans going.  However, NONE of my plans would ever work out.  Little did I know He was preparing me ALL along to have patience.

I started to learn… I was NOT going to jump into anything.  I was going to continue to teach and enjoy time with my friends208215_578830428796936_1490777881_n.  Well ALL of that changed on February 28, 2013.  Chad Gurganus and I had our first date.  NEVER in a million years would I have thought that when the connection is there you FEEL it, you do not have to make yourself.  We were inseparable! Of course, my parents thought I was CRAZY because I told them he was the one (like they had never heard that before)!  I was never REALLY accepted by his family and this continues to be a hard concept for me.  Like I said before, I have spunk & attitude, and you will know where you stand but I do have a HEART.  I do want to have the acceptance but starting to learn it will probably never happen!  Little did I know He was preparing me ALL along for true love and acceptance.

Months passed, Chad and I were still doing GREAT! Then the day came… I found out I was pregnant! I was a WRECK! This was NOT my plan! You are supposed to be married before you have kids and you are supposed to be financially stable! We were supposed to have our honeymoon period, time for ourselves, and the list goes on.  I was not ready to give my entire life up. My parents are going to KILL me! Chad and I made the decision that day that we were going to get married because we thought it was the right thing to do.  We knew we wanted to get married but we just did not realize it would be this soon.  We got married on August 10, 2013! To this day, I do not regret this decision at ALL! I knew back in February that I loved Chad and nothing was ever going to change that.   Little did I know He was preparing me ALL along to follow His plan. 

The day came… Talynn was born January 27, 2014. Little did I know He was preparing me ALL along for TALYNN! 


For I know the plans I have for you, “says the Lord.” They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11 NLT


Mommy of BOS ❤

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Talynn <3

  1. allison schwartz says:

    I was getting prepared for River too! Zach and I started dating in October of 2012 and that December my little brother was born with spina biffida. Zach and I visited the hospital almost everyday for the 2 month my little brother was in NNICU and there for all 9 of his surgeries. Before I ever got pregnant with River we were already prepared and didn’t even realize it! I never expected myself to have and baby with special needs but I learned from my little brother that It aint nothing but a thing.

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