Doctor, doctor, doctor, DENTIST

This week has been a LONG one . So far we’ve been to 4 doctor appointments, blood draw, and we saw the DENTIST! This was Talynn’s first time at the dentist and her teeth look great (yay for a positive outcome). We have two more appointments tomorrow and then hopefully a restful weekend. 

Update: Talynn is still having gagging spells,  low grade fevers, and increased heart rate at night. We are in the process of elimination and all doctors seem to be on board. Our next step is a diet change to see if this helps with the gagging. Going for one thing at a time. Starting with the gagging because that seems to cause the most discomfort for her. Praying this will help her and my happy little Talynn will be back. šŸ˜Š

-Mommy of BOS 

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