Talynn’s New Car

For Talynn’s third birthday, I wanted her to have something that most “typical” children have. Two of my friends, Sarah Halstead and Carrie Hunsucker, had just purchased/received an adapted car for their children. I immediately knew I wanted Talynn to have one. I started researching all the different types. I needed something with a higher back and remote control. Well I found it !

This car not only had a higher back and remote control, it had LIGHTS (and has an aux cord for music)! Talynn absolutely LOVES lights. I ordered the car from smile.amazon.com (of course chose Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Foundation as the charity). It was very easy to assemble and everything seems to work great.

To adapt the seat, we took an old carseat straps and drilled them into the seat that came with the car. If you have a firefly seat it should be very easy to secure. I still need to work on a better neck piece but the neck pillow worked for now and Talynn absolutely LOVES her new car. We cannot wait for a nice day to get her outside to ride.

The car comes in red, black, and pink. Here is the link for the pink one 🙂


Please consider using smile.amazon.com and choosing The Bohring-Opitz Syndrome as your charity. It costs you nothing but every penny towards the BOS Foundation helps improve the quality of life of patients with BOS.

-Taylor Gurganus



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