Those bright blue eyes…

Those bright blue eyes look up at me and melt my heart. I wish I could take all the pain away and help you feel better. It’s like you can never catch a break. We pray everyday for God to look over you and your healthiness and I know he is doing just that. Sometimes life throws us curve balls and little girl have you been pitched many of them. You are a little fighter and one of the strongest little girls I know. Praying that you feel better soon and these viruses can stay away!
Update: Talynn has another virus. This time she is needing oxygen and breathing treatments. She is also on an oral (gtube) steroid. Praying she gets well soon. 

3 thoughts on “Those bright blue eyes…

  1. Jessica Balltzglier says:

    I admire her strength and yours!!! I thought of you this weekend during a keynote speaker at a conference. Check out the book Far from the Tree by Andrew Solomon. I have not read it but his words were inspiring and uplifting about acceptance of children with disabilities or differences. It was a powerful speech.

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