The Recent Video on Facebook

With our recent post on Facebook I figured there were probably many questions… so I am going to try to answer as many as I can think of…

Facebook Post Video (click this link if you did not see the post)

What is the chance the baby will have BOS?

Well… me and the doctors disagree a little on this 😉 Talynn’s mutation is called a DeNovo (which means out of the blue).  They claim the chance would be slim to none.  However, to have a BOS baby to begin with is 43 out of ALL of the people in the WORLD so probably .0000000123% (just a guess) of a chance and to get pregnant on the birth control pill is 1% so based on my odds I do not trust anymore numbers.  

Can you test the baby for BOS?

Yes, you can have a CVS or Amniocentesis done that can specifically test for Talynn’s mutation in the ASXL 1 gene.  

The most common reason to have an “amnio” is to determine whether a baby has certain genetic disorders or a chromosomal abnormality, such as Down syndrome. Amniocentesis (or another procedure, called chorionic villus sampling (CVS)) can diagnose these problems in the womb. Amniocentesis is usually done when a woman is between 14 and 16 weeks pregnant. Women who choose to have this test are primarily those at increased risk for genetic and chromosomal problems, in part because the test is invasive and carries a small risk of miscarriage. 

Are you going to test for BOS?

No, for right now Chad and I have chosen not to test for BOS.  However, we are going to deliver beside the Children’s Hospital just to be safe.  If any abnormalities show up on the 20 week ultrasound (Mid-July) then we will do the Amniocentesis (possibly).  

Are you scared?

Yes/No… this was not planned so at first Chad and I were in shock! TOTAL SHOCK! That shock is starting to wear off and we truly believe God has a plan for this baby and our family.  

How are you doing?

Personally, I have been having a hard time dealing with it.  Chad has been more upbeat about it.  It is something that I am worried, scared, happy, blessed, and nervous about it all at the same time.  

How far apart will Talynn and the baby be?

Talynn and the baby will be approx. 22 months apart.  

When is your due date?

My original due date was December 15th but after the first ultrasound they changed it to December 4th due to measurements. 

(I will continue to update questions as I can think of them)

Thank you all for loving, caring, and supporting our family through God’s Journey!



Mommy of BOS ❤

4 thoughts on “The Recent Video on Facebook

  1. Risa says:

    Congratulations! My oldest and Garrett are 23 months apart. It’s a perfect age difference. We too, had another kiddo after Garrett arrived with Special needs so I can relate to the range of emotions you are experiencing. I’m here if you need and ear to talk to. My advice is to take care of you and your beautiful family. Know that some folks will ask questions/judge when it’s really not their place to. Be strong and get ready for this new little bundle. Your news was the first thing I saw today and it made me smile. T will be a wonderful big sis. I’ve seen Garrett develop and grow so much from being with his siblings (and friends.) looking forward to updates on this new and exciting journey.


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