Is it easy?

Is it easy?!?

The answer is NO! I have learned over time that if the outcome is good then the task is NOT easy.  Over the past year, I have learned so much about myself, my daughter, my husband, and our family.  Like every family… there is always the dysfunctional ones.  These are the ones that EVERYTHING has to be about them or their way. The OLD Taylor would have let them have it and been done however the NEW Taylor has learned that FAMILY is everything! Do not get me wrong… I have told these people what I think of them (only because letting it go is better than keeping it in) and I want to be upfront and honest with people.  However, the hardest part is trying to realize that I can NOT control other people’s actions.  My mom and aunt have gone over this with me MULTIPLE times but it IS NOT EASY to grasp.  I have had to learn to Let Go and Let God because I am not the one who has to answer to not being apart of Talynn’s Life.

Never in a million years would I have thought that I could learn SO SO much from a baby less than a year old.   This little girl has taught me to worry less about the negative and focus more on the positive.  It has NOT been EASY to do this but if Talynn can wake up everyday HAPPY then what is there to be negative about!?  For a little girl to fight for her life and still be as happy as ever makes me understand LIFE in a whole new way.  We have now learned to keep the negative people out and to keep moving forward with ALL of God’s Blessings! He did not give us Talynn for no reason.  We may not always know God’s Plan but I am 100% sure that it is not a mistake! Talynn has opened my eyes and continues to do it every single day.  I do not know where we would be without her.  Our goal in life now, is to make sure Talynn lives everyday of her life happy and in an environment of POSITIVE people … and this is EASY 🙂


A Mommy of BOS

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2 thoughts on “Is it easy?

  1. Barbara Best Toti says:

    Great job Taylor. Looking forward to reading more of your positive outlook. Talynn is a ray of sunshine and our family loves her very much!


  2. Jill Morris says:

    This is so true! I have learned that I am stronger than I ever imagined all thanks to my little guy with BOS. These children truly are miracles and I would not give up the life I have with him for anything. Who knew our greatest teachers would be our children? This is a great blog! Keep it up Taylor! You’re awesome!


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